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Sound More Native

English Pronunciation App

SOMONA is a fun and easy way for you to learn and practice English pronunciation. This app is for everyone. Age, gender, and occupation don't matter. All you need to succeed is a desire to improve your pronunciation. 

App Store link

No iPhone = No problem

There is also a web app available

​Please click here:SOMONA web app

somona pronunciation app

Key Features

Version 1.0 (20.9.2017)

• Clear and easy to understand explanation

• Simple to use and easy to study

• Practice the individual sounds of English

• Practice rhythm and intonation


Screens Shots & Video

Pronunciation rhythm Somona
Pronunciation sounds Somona
Pronunciation course Somona

User Reviews

It's cool!

“I never felt like I was studying.  The program was entertaining but also, I learned a lot.  I really feel like my pronunciation could improve thanks to SOMONA.”

​-Dr. M. Saito, Yokohama, JP

August 12, 2017
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